Elkhorn Lodge

Elkhorn Lodge is perfectly located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in the beautiful resort town of Banff, Alberta. Surrounded by unspoiled wilderness and spectacular views, this UNESCO Heritage Site is home to diverse wildlife. Immerse in its breathtaking trails and sight seeing tours, including the world renowned Lake Louise, and watch for caribou, elk, bears, moose and more. Our beautiful town offers year round dream adventures and natural beauty, with just a short stroll down Spray Ave enjoy a day of shopping and exquisite restaurants.

Elkhorn Lodge was a one room cabin purchased by Belmore Browne and his wife Evelyne in 1921.  It initially served as a vacation home and art studio for the Browne’s, but was later sold and expanded into the tourist inn that it is today. Elkhorn Lodge is an “A” ranked heritage resource that is listed on the Banff Registry of Recognized Heritage Resources.* This charming mountain lodge offers our clients the best lodging in town, with cozy accommodations, mountain views, complimentary WiFi and parking.

*Source: Banff Historical Landmarks & Legends